thrive dont just survive

Thrive Don’t Just Survive

Posted on April 7, 2014 · Posted in Clients, General, Personal

Thrive dont just Survive

We need food and water to thrive, not just survive. Not any food, good clean nutritious food. Foodcontains macro and micro nutrients and combining this with exercise allows our body to reach its true genetic potential- this means a life free from weight gain, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, arthritis, low energy, certain cancers, heart disease and so on. Exposing our bodies to poor quality foods, lack of exercise, low water intake, too many processed foods and toxins in the form of alcohol, sugar, additives, herbicides and pesticides suppresses our immunity, disrupts our natural gut bacteria and causes illness and disease. In studies performed in Duke University, North Carolina, by exposing mice to toxins they could create early and intense disease in offspring for up to 4 generations. The big 3 results of exposure to these toxins were cancer, obesity & diabetes. Scientists found that toxins literally bound to DNA of the pregnant mice and were passed to their offspring. Bisphenol A, which can be found in the lining of canned goods, plastic water bottles and previously in hard clear plastic baby bottles is a prime example. Under current EU regulation all baby bottles must now be BPA free. BPA is a petroleum based chemical that mimics estrogen in the body and it can affect hormones that affect reproduction and metabolism. They took 2 groups of mice & exposed 1 group of mice to low levels of  Bisphenol A that were comparable to levels humans are exposed to. The yellow mices mothers had Bisphenol A added to their food & that triggered certain  genes to turn on or off in the yellow mice as they grew. They had a high propensity to develop diabetes, obesity and cancer. Although there has been good work done to reduce our exposure to Bisphenol A we still have to realise that when we expose our bodies to tobacco, high levels of alcohol and processed foods containing addiditves, preservatives and trans-fats we get the same result- increased risk of cancer, obesity and diabetes! As part of the same study The National Academy of Sciences then found that folic acid and similar dietary supplements could stop the chemicals effects but concluded that they didn’t want to give the impression that all environmental toxins could be combatted with nutritional supplements which would suggest that the best approach is avoidance, good food choices then supplementation.

So in a nutshell, If they exposed the animal to the toxins they got sick, if they exposed the animal to the toxin and good nutrients they didn’t get sick. This is the key point- the nutrients helped to combat the toxins. This does not suggest we should allow the intake of toxins while ensuring we eat the nutrients to minimise the damage these toxins do. Why does this matter? Most people just assume they are eating well enough with a license to binge at the weekend and special occasions but when we actually take a closer look at what Ireland is eating, drinking and smoking on a daily basis we really do begin to see how we’re only fooling ourselves. Lets examine two three day dietary recalls. The first is a healthy plan, the second is a typical Irish persons diet.

Sample 1: Nourishing Foods- organic where possible

Meal Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Breakfast Porrige, jumbo or steel cut Scottish oats 3 soft bolied organic eggs Low sugar yoghurt with a handful of almonds & blueberries
Lunch Large Chicken Salad Large Feta Salad Large Veggie Soup
Dinner Oven cooked salmon, pesto, sweet potato & steamed   veg Oven cooked mackeral, roast red onions, carrots &   parsnips Bean Stew with small portion of brown rice
Snacks/Drinks Water, green tea, almonds, an apple Water, 1 coffee, pear, walnuts Water, green tea, blueberries


Sample 2: Normal Irish Diet

Meal Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Breakfast Special K Weetabix with banana Special K
Lunch Chicken Wrap Chicken Wrap Chicken Wrap
Dinner Spagetti Bolognaise Beef stir fry with white rice Pizza
Snacks/Drinks Tea, coffee, can of coke, cereal bar, 5 Marborough   Lights Water, milk, tea, coffee,curly wurly, 5 Marborough   Lights Tea, coffee,coke zero, milk, wine, rice krispie square,   6 Marborough Lights


When we compare the two dietary recalls we see that they both provide calories but only one provides nourishment and the opportunity for health to thrive. The top plan provides lots of fibre through all the fruits & vegetables,fibre helps pull toxins out of the body & reduce cholesterol, eggs provide choline which is important for brain function, salmon and mackeral are a good source of Omega 3’s which help prevent heart disease, stroke and cancer by 13 different mechanisms. The salad vegetables provide vitamins, minerals and enzymes that help support the immune system and digestion. Lightly steaming vegetables will also retain more nutrients. All these regular healthy choices create an environment for our bodies to express our strongest genetic potential- Healthy,Fit, Flexible and Happy.

The second recall has very little fibre as all of the carbohydrates are heavily processed, there’s too much sugar and processed carbs which will tax the pancreas increasing the risk of type 2 diabetes. Processed foods tend to be higher in salt contributing to excessive intake and high blood pressure. There’s a lack of fruits and vegetables, according to the World Health Organisation among the top 10 reasons for pre-mature death is lack of fruits and vegetables. There’s also too many additives, preservatives and synthetic sweeteners which will tax the liver. Our bodies are bio-concentrators, unfortunately in the same way we store the nutrients for good use we also store the toxins we can’t process that are simply overloading our bodies. They tend to get stored in the fat stores- out of circulation. So if we take in very little nourishment and poor quality foods we become more and more toxic. Over 3 days this doesn’t look too bad but if this continues 365 days a year for 10 years or more we’re looking at a body low in Omega 3 fats, an over worked liver and pancreas, low energy, mood swings and compromised immune system. Next call is the GP’s office for a bag of meds!

We haven’t forgotten about the Marborough Lights- There are hundreds of elderly men and women lying around in hospital beds nationwide, some have smoked for that long that they have little to no circulation to their feet. The result is possible amputation. Enough said!

Use the first dietary recall above as a healthy template to work off. Remember, nutrition and exercise are not alternative they’re the foundation of good health.

So how do we apply this in our daily lives??? Minimise our exposure to bad foods & toxins and maximise the amount of fresh, nutritious foods we’re eating. We live in a polluted environment but it doesn’t mean we have to live in a bubble


Healthy Living is a way of life, not just a temporary change of routine