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The Fear of Sugar

Posted on March 12, 2014 · Posted in Clients, General

Alot of talk on sugar, is this the real problem? I am writing this article with trepidation in case it is misunderstood. For those that know me they will recognise that I do view sugar as a poison. Only in recent weeks we have put up articles in relation to its negative impact for both adults and children.

I heard on the radio only yesterday that schools in Dublin 15, the midlands and Cork were planning on weighing children in schools. Picture it fat school kids that already know their fat being made stand up on a scales. It is hard enough for adults to step up on a scales never mind kids. Also most people that think scales they think weight loss, food restriction and the dreaded diet. I know what we should do is bring the damn parents and make them stand up on the scales, while we are doing that lets get the teachers up on the scales. Don’t forget there are slim looking kids that are eating the same crap, drinking the not so good luminous sports drinks and are not carrying the excess weight, does this mean they are super healthy. Is there anything healthy about stepping up on a scale?

Now as for all the talk on sugar, why all of a sudden is this the latest buzz? Yes there is too much of it out there yes it is in too many of our foods but there was fizzy drinks, chocolate, biscuits and every other sweet thing I can think of out there when I was growing up. Is it an easy target to avoid the bigger problem which is who the hell is feeding the kids the damn sugar. Don’t get me wrong it should not be so easily purchased or in such abundance nor should it be purchased in such abundance.

Is sugar the only problem, I know plenty of kids carrying excess weight and sugar is not just the problem. Their portion size is the same as an adult, their eating a dinner for lunch and then another dinner at dinner time, their snacks are small lunches and their breakfast would feed a small pony. What about bloody crisps, in our article on trolley disasters I wrote how crisps seemed to be in every family’s trolley. Also take away foods, Jesus how many times do you need to treat your kids to a take away in the week. It is selective blame, the reason we have 1 in four kids over weight is because of sugar, over abundance of food and poor nutrition choice and lack of exercise. Since when did we as parents decide it should be our children that chose their food and portion size. I’ll tell you when, since we as adults decided we were not going to be responsible enough to make the choices for them. Damn right sugar is a problem but the bigger problem is the parent feeding the kids the food. What do we hear then, oh its education, what the hell, let me put a bottle of coke up against a bottle of water which is better for you, a pizza against a normal dinner, it’s not rocket science. It was not explained to my generation’s parents all those sugary products fizzy drinks etc are bad for you but they knew it. Yes when you are tired stressed and overworked it can be sometimes easier to feed our kids the junk but it should not be so regular, and there are some products we should just avoid feeding our kids. Listen we put an article up recently on how to live with sugar, it is hard to eliminate in particular with kids but it is easy to manage once we make that choice. The problem is not just with the kids it lies with the adults and how we eat as parents, monkey see monkey do. Stop making the excuses, stop looking for someone to blame and stop looking for someone else to solve your problem. If you want to make choices that will result in obesity, high blood pressure, certain cancers, heart disease, go ahead, but don’t make those choices for your child make healthy choices with no excuses because your children deserve better.