The Debacle of the New Years Resolution – Joining a Gym

Posted on January 22, 2014 · Posted in Clients, General, Personal

It is a New Year; we are all faced with the harsh reality of our New Year’s Resolutions. One of which is joining a gym.
To join or not to join that is the question – I always suggest to people the benefits of joining a gym. The top reason people don’t join is because they say it’s boring. When I hear boring I immediate say when was the last time you were in a gym. What usually comes back is, well I was never a member in a gym, or 12 years ago. Allot changes in that time. If you are a member in a gym and find it boring it may be because you are not achieving your goals or you are staying too long on the bike treadmill and cross trainer which can be very boring so much so you will get a nose bleed with boredom. Some programmes take way too long to complete. We will discuss at a later date why this kind of training does not lead to fat loss.

Vary the equipment, vary your training and don’t forget strength training. 40 mins in a gym is plenty and if you are walking out doors you can count that as your cardio so concentrate on strength in the gym and the good news is that you can complete your programme in 30 mins.

When Christmas ends and we are full of the past joys of turkey, wine and Santa we all realise those inches need to be shed. Don’t be too quick to run into the gym. Sometimes we are better waiting for the kids to go back to school and get more organisation in our life. It can sometimes take up to two weeks to recreate certain habits. Don’t become Genghis Kan, gung ho seven days a week gym junkie warrior, that will end very quickly. Take your time and use logic, what is my goal, how many times a week can I train, and how much time can I spend training, taking into account other commitments – family, work, social. If this is only two days a week that fine and don’t let anyone tell you different. Two is better than none. Putting yourself under too much pressure will just raise cortisol, body fat and lead to an end of your exercise routine. If you are looking to gain weight, or lose weight it is worth your while inverting in time spent with a dietician or nutritionist. Don’t be too quick to pay the membership fee, would off peak suit you it would be cheaper. What are the family rates, does the gym have a pool (heated and clean). Does a friend train in the gym and would he get a discount for introducing you to the gym. Finally, before you join you will be a paying a fee you should get customer service, if you buy a car and the wheels fall off you bring it back to the garage we pay and join a gym no one comes near us and we just put up with it. Not good enough demand a programme and find out when you get your next one. You should change your programme every four – eight weeks, prevents boredom. The people who need to pay extra for personal trainers are those who find it very hard to motivate themselves, some who are looking for that extra edge, maybe sports specific or just for that wedding suit.


The Gym Checklist

Most of us are faced with a selection of gyms to chose from, hotels, private, public. Which one provides the best value of money taking into account my motivation and goals? Is it family friendly, does it cater safely for younger children. A simple checklist is as follows.

1: Visit the centre twice before you sign up. A quiet time and a busy time, are people queuing for equipment? Is there adequate amounts of both cardio and strength equipment

2: Ensure there are adequate staff on the floor to deal with any queries you may have. If you are getting a tour ask the sales person can talk to a gym member of staff. See how long it may take for them to arrive.

3: Check the class timetable.

4: This point should probably be number 1 – Clean: Are members carrying towels, is the centre clean, in particular the shower and pool area.

5: Maintenance: Have a small look around to see if equipment is out of order

6: Ask to speak to staff – Are they confident, polite and friendly.

There are four things you should always be addressed on joining

1: What are your goals?

2: Have you any injuries or illness / medication

3: Time limitations for training taking into account other commitments – family, work, social – yours not theirs

4: Footwear – your footwear should be checked

Remember it is about your goals not theirs and they must apply a training routine for you to achieve this. Results should be seen in three weeks.