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The Big Guns

Posted on January 4, 2011 · Posted in Clients, General, Personal, Training

The majority of guys working out in gyms are always looking to get bigger mass in their biceps. Particularly true of arm training is trainees tend not to change their routine? Truly the definition of madness, repeating the same thing day in day out and expecting something to happen to the guns. Possibly because they enjoy training them and also because the exercises they chose lead to a bigger pump while they swan around the gym.  Be patient and you can easily increase the size of the arms.

Remember if you train the biceps you must balance it with tricep work

Possible Problems with Arm Training

1: Over Training: People really enjoy training these body parts and just spend too much time on quantity and not quality.

When training the back musculature ensure it is the back you engage and not the arms as the prime mover. Too often guys training their back get too much of a workout on their biceps so when they go and train the biceps they are just overworked.

2: Variation: Ensure you vary your arm workout. Variation prevents plateaus and ensures you can reach your goals. Depending on your training is an indication of how often you should vary your programme. Beginners can stay on the same programme for 3 – 6 six weeks, once advanced you can change from 3 weeks to individual sessions.

3: Recovery: Recovery is a must and remember the biceps is involved in back work, triceps in chest work. So when designing your workout takes this into account.

4: Food stuffs: Not enough calories going in for the demand on energy and recovery going out. Protein is a must post strength work. But remember too much protein lowers the PH in the blood and can make you very acidic and this can lead to health problems.

5: Ignoring the brachialis muscle. The brachialis is situated at the back of the biceps muscle. This strong muscle is the main flexor of the forearm. It is the work horse of the structures that flex the arm and steadies the movement of extending the arm.


When training the arms put the agonist against the antagonist. I.e. Do a set on the biceps, take your rest period do a set on the triceps and repeat till the desired sets are complete. By doing this we are achieving full motor unit activation enhancement, lowering your drop of curve so the ability to tolerate greater load and work is enhanced and it also allows for shorter rest intervals.


Two Examples of Arm Workouts
Always remember to warm up before you exercise.
Work Out 1

Order Exercise Reps Sets Tempo Rest
A1 Lying EZ Bar Extensions to eyebrow 6-8 3 3110 0
A2 Close Grip Bench Press 4-6 3 3110 0
A3 Lying EZ Bar Extensions 4-6 3 3110 120
B1 Hammer Curls 4-6 3 3010 0
B2 E/Z Bar Curls 6-8 3 3010 0
B3 Hammer Curls 4-6 3 3010 120

Work Out 2

Order Exercise Reps Sets Tempo Rest
A1 Arm Curl 12 3 3010 45
A2 Tri Push down 12 3 3010 45
B1 Seated Dumbbell Curl 10 3 3110 30
B2 Dips 10 3 3011 30
C1 EZ Bar Reverse Curl 8 2 2010 45
C2 Wrist Curl 8 2 2010 30