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I have had the privilege to avail of Padraigs expertise over the past 14 years. I used his extensive knowledge of fitness and conditioning in my time as a professional rugby player with Leinster and De la Salle Palmerston.I found that he was extremely focused to detail and technique both individually and collectively with players and coaches.Padraig brought variation and intensity to trainings and always told it like it was. During my short career so far in coaching I have since brought Padraig on board as physic and he has worked relentlessly on both pre hab and re hab with my current squad.

I would recommend Padraig to anyone who is ambitious, passionate and detailed about their chosen sport overall he is honest and genuine and is always looking to better himself which is the best trait that any individual could have.



Declan O’Brien

Leinster Rugby


Magners League Champions 2007/’08



Working with Padraig showed me a new style of training..He incorporates hard work outs with high intensity including a fun side that beats pounding a treadmill…! I thoroughly enjoy training with him and results were very visible very fast…  I do believe anyone who trains with him will share this opinion and never look back. Just don’t take up my slots!!

Nicky Byrne

West Life


“Padraig Murphy is without doubt the best personal trainer in town. All our customers swear by his techniques for eliminating fat, creating a lean body and boosting energy. We have witnessed his results over the last few years at Kelly’s Resort Hotel. Padraig advises what to eat and sets out aerobic and resistance training programmes guaranteed to give optimum results!

His “Wellness and lifestyle” talks are highly motivational, and would put fire under any couch potato. He also has a wonderful ability to treat sport injuries and more importantly to avoid them reoccurring , we even had clients returning numerous times during the year from the West of Ireland to benefit from his secondary rehabilitation of total knee and hip replacements.

Bill Kelly

Kelly’s Hotel Rosslare



I have known Padraig Murphy for the best part of 12 years. His commitment, knowledge and professionalism to Sports Conditioning, Injury & Prevention and Health & Fitness is nothing short of brilliant. I personally have been using Padraig’s services for Injury treatment, during that time to keep me in one piece as a professional rugby player. I believe he prolong my playing career to achieve what I achieved in Ireland.

Padraig played an important role in my success as a Rugby Coach in Ireland.

His commitment to repairing and preparing players for matches was important to my success. His ability to motivate, condition players physically, repair and prepare a small squad of players for 10 month playing season was nothing short of outstanding.

I hope everyone finds that 1 person who brings passion, humour and love to their place of work.

I found that person in Padraig Murphy.

Phil Werahiko


Stephen has been my personal trainer for one year now. He has transformed me from being a lifelong member of the couch potato club to a true gym enthusiast. I see him several times a week and although every session is challenging, I feel ten million times better than I did before going in. He combines diverse training methods such as individualised weight training and cardio routines and sets me achievable goals. He is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about fitness. He genuinely wants his clients to succeed and goes out of his way to help by building personalised nutrition plans and gym routines that I can do when I am travelling. Stephen’s enthusiasm is infectious and if it weren’t for his dedication and commitment to my personal goals, I would definitely not be where I am today. Thank you!

Caroline O’Connell



Three years ago when I started training I was unfit and lived a very sedentary lifestyle.  All that being fit stuff was for other people, I just wasn’t one of them.  Although being fit was certainly something I would have admired, just not for me and didn’t really think it was achievable.

It was really by default I started training with Stephen twice a week.  Easy it certainly wasn’t, hellish it was sometimes.  Stephen doesn’t take any prisoners, I always try to get away with as much as possible, but he always sees through it. He’s in the right job!

When I started, every bit of me ached, even bits I didn’t know I had.  But you have to commit to this and give it a chance.  No pain, no gain and all that.  There’s no point in pretending I dramatically changed shape within a few weeks, it takes a bit longer than that.

I stuck with it, with a bit of banter thrown in during training sessions! Gradually the aches and pains wore off, but still rear their ugly head from time to time.  That’s when you know its working.

Eating habits became a lot better with a lot of nutritional advice from Stephen. In the past I would have eaten quite well, but a lot of the bad stuff too. Training and nutrition seem to go hand in hand.  Now it’s just a way of life, which I actually enjoy.

I was able to work my daily life around training sessions.  Don’t find reasons or excuses not to go.

Life for me has changed so much over the last few years, in the very best of ways.  I have taken up lots of new activities, been to so many new places and have made many new friends.

At Evolv it is more about being healthy than skinny!

I could never go back to the way I was, I feel a million times better now.  I couldn’t not train (still try and cheat though!)

Mary Connaughton


“I started training with Stephen in July 2012. At the time I had an unhealthy attitude towards fitness and nutrition that involved several take-away style meals a week and no significant exercise. My weight of 72kg and body fat percentage of 26.5 were an all-time high for me. I trained hard with Stephen twice a week and he developed an enjoyable and challenging running/interval programme for me to follow a couple of times a week by myself too.  Over the months my whole attitude towards nutrition changed dramatically and with Stephen’s encouragement and simple tasty recipes I was soon munching on more salads and fish than burgers and kebabs! By 17 December 2012 my weight had decreased by 12kg and my body-fat percentage to 11.73%. I’m fitter and healthier than I’ve ever been and it’s thanks to the inspiration provided by Stephen. I continue to train twice weekly at Evolv Fitness and I see this as a lifelong habit.”

David Leonard



I was introduced to Mark through another personal trainer. Since then I
haven’t stopped hounding him for help and advice!

I’ve been through the mill with various diets, gyms, trainers and exercise
regimes all with the one goal in mind – losing body fat and improving my
appearance. With Mark, I have continued going back to him because he has an
outstanding knowledge and understanding of nutrition which he happily
shares in a way that is specific to me – and that I can understand! He is
extremely thorough and passionate about what he does, and has helped me to
no end! I ask A LOT of questions and he has had every answer, and solution
for me.

He has also helped me greatly in monitoring and decreasing my body fat, and
treats it as a science. He is more thorough, honest and informative as to
the different factors involved in storing body fat even beyond diet and
exercise than all my previous experiences. He doesn’t try and force any
ideas or specific wonder diets upon you, but I would send anyone at all to
him, in full faith that he would have the most efficient ways of them
achieving their goals – from weight loss, to increasing muscle mass.

He has also provided me with extremely effective workouts, pushing me to my
full potential, and helping me understand how to listen to my body,
ensuring I don’t overtrain – which can set you back, making my progress
as efficient as possible

I’m almost qualified as a personal trainer myself now, and feel that
between this and all the various workouts, diets and regimes I’ve tried
that I would be a good authority to say – you will not find a friendlier
more informed, more approachable trainer who will help you achieve whatever
your training goals are! I will continue to go back to him for help and
advice time and time again!


Kind Regards,

Aoibheann McCaul



When competing as a team there is a constant quest for improvement in all areas of physical, mental, emotional and tactical preparation. However finding the correct people to drive on these areas can be a challenge. While involved with the Wexford Senior Footballers we made huge strides in the nutritional education and strength development of the players. All developments were initiated and driven by Mark Mc Gauran. Mark’s enthusiasm and desire to be at the cutting edge regarding nutritional knowledge led to our players on mass changing their eating habits over a three year period.
Mark also planned and coordinated the player’s strength and conditioning programme, while mentoring, organising and supervising 3 assistant coaches. Mark’s attention to detail and ease with which he mixed with players left a lasting impression on the group.
I am lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Mark over a three year period and would wholeheartedly recommend him for any nutritional or strength and conditioning role.

Jason Ryan

Wexford Football Manager











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