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At Evolvfitness we believe in a personalised and total care approach to Health and Wellbeing ensuring you achieve your fitness goals and embrace a more positive healthy lifestyle.

We cater for all levels of fitness while providing the highest standards in service and professionalism

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Personal training

Our Personal training packages cater for all levels of fitness, both male and female, from the person just interested in their health to the enthusiastic amateur sporty types. Our Goal: Help you to reach your goals in the healthiest way possible. We create higher energy expenditure though regular exercise which you fuel with clean foods; we create a positive balance, a faster metabolism – a healthier you. Our personal programmes involve a mix of strength and conditioning, boxing and spinning. Not only will we educate you on precise form and technique but also in nutrition, we provide consultations that are simple, easy to follow and effective. No quick diet will be in the bin a month, we empower you to make the right choices that will last a life time. A guaranteed improvement in body shape, symmetry, mobility and overall feeling of wellbeing.

Bio Signature Analysis

imagesCAL23BK0Have you noticed that your body fat can get stored in different parts of your bodies, for example a man may carry to much fat around his chest or a lady may be holding on to her fat on the back of her arms or bum, it might be love handles or just too much fat on the tummy, you might ask why.

Our hormones help dictate the distribution of fat, may be due to estrogen imbalances, excess cortisol, or just not managing our insulin levels well enough due to poor food habits.

You can help the influence and manage the control of hormone and fat distribution by a nutritional, lifestyle and training plan through the results of the Bio Signature Analysis


Art and Physical Therapylogo

We provide a system of treatment that is hands on which allows us treat and assess old/new injuries or aches and pains that may interfere withyour normal day to day life. The treatments help improve circulation, reduce oedema, relax tight muscles and promote healing.


By combing our knowledge in physical therapy, art and nutrition we can provide rehabilitive programmes specifically for injuries and post surgical procedures that are functional and allow you back to normal living.