Keep it Simple – Keep it Honest

Posted on April 22, 2016 · Posted in Uncategorized

A few words on keeping it simple – Checklist to keep it simple

I am writing this article in response to a number of recent conversations and also some recent e mails.

A recent conversation with a young client in relation to fats, good against bad, protein what is too much, what is too little and quite some dept. on fluid intake. The day before a young client was discussing which is better a sweet potato or a normal potato, is fruit bad for you? Also the person quoted some book that was being read.

What is amusing I have hundreds of these conversations with young and old clients but in particular younger clients, (young early to mid-twenties). Usually this information has come from a book or the internet (then it must be true). Having some knowledge on how these guys were eating, I found myself feeling a little brain tired, I still listened to their points, Yet I found myself saying let’s not complicate this, are you still drinking alcohol at the weekends, eating sugar or processed foods. Let’s put out three tables, all your weekly food on one table, now separate it onto the two tables, all your good weekly food onto one, your crappy processed sugary food (+ alcohol) on the other. Now have a good look at that. That one biscuit you a day is a pack by the end of the week, the lunchtime sandwich is a sliced pan by the end of the week and 3 bottles of wine a week??? Before we look at sweet potato (yum yum) over normal potato, how much protein against how little, let’s just keep it simple, cut way back on the sugar, processed foods and alcohol and just start eating better.

What really stands out in my mind, I was out with a couple of really good guys in the same profession as myself and they were discussing why fruit might be bad for you, I sat there bewildered as there were drinking pints of beer?

The second I was at a wedding, while the guy was drinking a pint he asked me were potatoes really bad for you? “Your drinking pints!” was all I could think.

A recent e mail from a very young gentleman asking about a possible shake to give him energy and boost results. In the e mail he hoped that the ingredients would help with testosterone, leptin, hgh and adiponectin. What really worries me about this is how young he was and how complicated just eating good food has become. This kid was no older than 14, where was he getting all this information?

Most of this information is driven by new books and internet based studies? Regarding most of the books I really feel the avenue around food has been exhausted recycled and exhausted again. It has gone to the stage that I feel people are just trying to sell another book and as for the internet we can find studies on almost anything we want to prove as a positive or a negative. Red wine is good for you? Really.

Joe Public is not only guilty of this, the fitness profession is a big cause and effect. I have attended conferences where food and health are being discussed, and at the back of the room is a table that is full of supplements and products. Questions being asked by trainers, the answer and solution always seems to be based on a product being sold on the table, end result, table is empty and the product is then being sold by the trainers to their clients to solve everything from their health ailments to their mortgages. Programmes being given to their clients that are designed for professional athletes. So much volume in the programme that the intensity is just too low for gains, people given the impression they must train every day. What was supposed to enhance their life becomes a stress, exercise based more around how they look on social media rather than their health. Trainers not taking into account the clients work, family and day to day stresses, trainers just biting into the same marketed driven media. I really feel the trainer’s role should be based on proper programme design, ensuring proper form and technique in exercise and good nutrition, end result improving the client’s overall health and well-being. We have nearly become an industry based on selling processed products and insuring our clients body fats are at an all-time low no matter what the cost once they can appear on social media.

Don’t get me wrong I would prefer to see people eating sweet potatoes over normal, training with high intensity, mind you I would not lose sleep once their following the simple checklist below.

Checklist for improving wellbeing reducing body fat/boosting fitness result

1: Am I eating correctly through the day – getting breakfast, snacking, consuming lunch and dinner

2: Have I pretty much eliminated sugars and processed foods alcohol from my food choices

3: Am I sleeping sufficiently well 8 hours +

4: Are there sufficient greens in my diet – broccoli, spinach, kale

5: Am I drinking sufficient clean water

6: When I train do I train hard enough – do I push myself hard enough, do I focus, to be fast you need to believe you are fast, is my bar set high enough to push through

7: When I train do I incorporate strength work

8: To boost fitness scores I need to train throughout the year not only in season

9: Do I periodise my training or do I keep doing the same thing and expect change

10: Am I patient enough, train hard, train smart, eat well, hydrate, recover and sleep well