Fighting Fit

Fighting Fit

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Hats off to Domini Kemp and her sparring partner Caroline (who would rather stay anonymous!). Domini has just released a great article in Image magazine about her journey from total boxing newbie to regular sparring and the benefits of combat training for women.

Domini has had a tough few years recovering from breast cancer, no doubt it has been an emotional journey but she has always kept up her training and strived to lead the healthiest possible lifestyle.

The Ketogenic Kitchen

Frustrated with the lack of detailed, quality nutrition information she experienced during and after her treatment she did her own research on what foods to avoid and what to eat more of to aid recovery. Domini came across so much good, well researched, published information that she decided to release a book, The Ketogenic Kitchen.

Co-authored with nutritionist Patricia Daly The Ketogenic Kitchen aims to give caner patients information on the types of food that may effect your treatment and recovery process.

If overall health is your goal and you don’t want or need to go “full keto” there is a section dedicated to low sugar, easy to prep meals too. They’re nutrient dense, fibre packed and will nourish and sustain you.

This is a book that could really open your eyes to another way of looking at food and its impact on cancer patients. Just like her sparring she’s gritty and determined to stay on top and make an impact.  A well researched, thorough read and a real pleasure to train.

About the boxing!

Inspired by a drive to get fitter and healthier Domini and Caroline found themselves punching pads as part of their fitness regime. What began as an alternative to having to go running for their cardio soon became something they couldn’t live without.

Friday mornings: 09:00 hours, warm up, shadow box, pads then spar.

Boxing or any other form of combat sport takes patience, time and dedication. There’s stance, guard, breathing, slips and rolls. This is without even laying a knuckle on the pad but the guys persevered until one day a quick spar was suggested.

Sparring was never the intent and doesn’t have to be but it seemed like the natural progression.

What began as a few rounds on pads became good, competitive 2 and 3 minute rounds of sparring with solid jabs, calculated uppercuts and a few sneaky low blows!

To find out more below is a copy of Domini’s recent article for Image magazine on women in the fight game.

Fighting Fit

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Fighting Fit