5 Supplements To Keep You Lean After Christmas

5 Supplements To Keep You Lean After Christmas

Posted on December 27, 2018 · Posted in Uncategorized


Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year from  the EvolvFitness team!

It’s the post Christmas period and those of you that are serious about your fitness goals are likely thinking about getting back on track.

For this post we’re going to share our favorite 5 supplements to keep you lean after Christmas. Before we get into it though, nutrition and regular exercise are the key to staying lean, not supplements.

Nothing can replace sensible eating, ignore all the marketing behind the products. Good food is king.

That being said however, when you have your house in order, the addition of 2 or 3 supplements may help you lean out a little bit quicker.

Sometimes supplements can be the last piece of the jigsaw, you’ve nailed your diet, you’re nailing your training and you’ve just done a little bit of research into what supplements can give your training program an edge.

Psychologically you’re set, it’s game on!

Top of our list, for no other reason than it’s more festive than Whey is cinnamon!


5 Supplements To Keep You Lean After Christmas

5 Supplements To Keep You Lean After Christmas


We’re sure you have heard somebody espousing the benefits of cinnamon for blood sugar regulation! The good news is, it’s true….and more.

In a recent study at the University of Michigan researchers aimed to,

“elucidate the mechanisms behind this protective effect by assessing the cell-autonomous response of primary adipocytes to Cinnamaldehyde treatment.” (1)

Cinnamaldehyde is the oil contained in cinnamon, it gives the spice its aroma which we all know. It is also the compound responsible for affecting metabolism as noted in previous studies.

The researchers in Michigan concluded,

Cinnamaldehyde activates thermogenic and metabolic responses in mouse and human primary subcutaneous adipocytes in a cell-autonomous manner, giving a mechanistic explanation for the anti-obesity effects of Cinnamaldehyde observed previously and further supporting its potential metabolic benefits on humans. (2)

Translation: the essential oils in cinnamon can cause the human body to burn the energy stored within fat cells.

You don’t even have to buy this in supplement form. You can include it in everyday recipes or even add some to your porridge in the morning.


Branched Chain Amino Acids

The psychological aspect of supplementation is an area people don’t talk about, the additional psychological boost you can get from using supplements may help you focus in on your goals.

We’ll use branched chain amino acids as an example. They’re number 2 on our list.

Of the 9 Essesntial Amino Acids that you must ingest from nature 3 of these in particular seem to up-regulate protein synthesis: valine, leucine and isoleucine. With Leucine really getting this physiological response started,

leucine also functions as a critical regulator of translation initiation of protein synthesis (3).

What we tend to notice with clients is those that supplement with BCAA’s before training can be more focused on their goals.

But why is this?

You’re meant to take BCAA’s around 30 minutes prior to training. So instead of hanging around thinking of something else you will flip a little internal switch that starts to get you focused on training before you even get to the gym.

It’s unintended psychological preparation. And this is another reason why we like BCAA’S! You’re already in the right head space to train before you get to the gym.



Simply put, magnesium helps to promote insulin sensitivity. Why is this important? The less sensitive your body is to insulin the higher your risk of type 2 diabetes.

Insulin helps to transport digested sugars to muscles cells or fat stores. If you develop a resistance to your own insulin sugar remains elevated in the blood stream which can be dangerous.

Magnesium helps to maintain your bodies sensitivity to insulin.

Oral magnesium supplementation improves insulin sensitivity in hypomagnesemic non-diabetic subjects. (4)

Now, this doesn’t mean you can eat a king sized mars bar and expect magnesium to handle the blood sugar hike for you. You still need to make a conscious effort to eat well.

Important to note around this time of year, alcohol will lower this nutrient along with zinc and some of the B-vitamins. It’s important to be aware of this. If you’ve had (or are still having!) a rough Christmas a good multivitamin and magnesium supplement may help you recover lost nutrients.



Whey is a great substitute for chocolate. If you’re like us and live in a normal environment you can expect there to be tins of Roses and boxes of Miniature Heroes floating around for the next 2 weeks.

You need a strategy to wean yourself off the sneaky treats. Let Whey protein be your strategy. Try mixing a scoop of Chocolate flavor whey with a small bit of cream. It mixes into a tasty paste you can add fruit or nuts to.

Now, it’s definitely not as tasty as a Miniature Heroes Twirl but it can help you begin the transition off the junk food without the cold turkey!

Unlike chocolate, whey is also high in BCAA’s helping you to hit your daily protein requirements. Get a low carb whey by the way.

If you’re taking a high carb mass gainer you can expect to keep your blood sugar elevated and fat stores full.


Fish Oil

Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids contain some of the most beneficial compounds on the planet, eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid. They’re associated with improved cholesterol levels, decreases in triglycerides, decreased blood pressure and improved cognitive functions in young and old.

Also known as EPA and DHA. These fatty acids may also help reduce your bodies fat stores with one study suggesting,

reductions in body fat may result from appetite-suppressing effects, adipocyte apoptosis and changes of gene expression in skeletal muscle, heart, liver, intestine and adipose tissues that suppress fat deposition and increase fat oxidation and energy expenditure. (5)

Maybe training is over rated after all!



Supplements alone will not get you results, alone, they’re simply a waste of money. However when combined with a healthy diet and effective exercise program they may give you that little edge you were looking for.

Cinnamon: Contains essential oils that may improve fat burning within fat cells.

BCAA’s: Can help improve dietary levels of essential amino acid and promote protein synthesis post training. They also psychologically prepare you for training.

Magnesium: Helps improve insulin sensitivity

Whey Protein: A high protein, high BCAA, low sugar chocolate substitute to help you wean off Christmas treats! Mix with cream, milk or almond milk to try and make a paste.

Fish Oils: One of the healthiest compounds on the planet!